1911 Comm work

Gunsmithing the 1911 pt.1, Pt.2, & Pt.3

These are the Podcasts I did for Prepper Broadcasting Network on Gunsmithing the 1911. I went pretty deep into it without the advantage of having a camera to actually SHOW you what I was referring to. However, for the shooter who knows their guns, you should easily be able to understand what I am referring to in these podcasts.

Gunsmithing the 1911 (and other handguns) Part 1 on Prepper Broadcasting Network.

Gunsmithing the 1911 (and other handguns) Part 2 on Prepper Broadcasting Network.

  • Glock 19 in GPCC Block
  • XD Broken Shell
  • 1911 Comm work
  • 1911 full size Govt 45acp
  • S.A. Operator 1911 .45acp, AAC Ti-Rant, Mil-Tac Karambit, Disaster Coffee Pandemic Blend cuz, why not?

Midwest Industries Glock PCC Block Review on American Partisan

Whats up y’all. I recently posted a really good review of the Midwest Industries Glock PCC Block tool over at American Partisan. Check it out when you get a moment. And if you want a Glock PCC Block for yourself… Head over to Midwest Industries to get one. Later gators.


Winter time is upon us again y’all. Its time to look at how we need to care for our ordnance in the cold. You may be thinking: “It doesn’t change, I live in a place where the weather is perfect.” Well, lucky you, but for those of us that do have seasons… we should be well aware of how to keep ourselves in the fight when the temperatures start dropping. Also keep in mind that this isnt just applicable to fighting, it is also useful for hunting trips. On my podcast, the Gunmetal Armory on Prepper Broadcasting Network, we tackled this very subject. We talked about using your guns during winter, lubrications, metals, camo types, firearm types, things that work when other things dont, and much more. Give it a listen.

Try listening directly to my podcast here, or click up above and listen to it thru Spreaker.