The owner of Gunmetal LLC is a certified Gunsmith and graduate of the Yavapai College Gunsmithing Program. He has years of gunsmith training, experience, and knowledge. His training in firearms tactics, hand to hand combat, security services, close protection, perimeter protection, home defense, tactical medicine, and intel has been ongoing since he was 14. The Gunmetal LLC team has taught multiple classes and instructed many individuals privately. We have ran and RSO’d firearms classes concurrently, many times over. Members of our team have taught multiple private classes to citizens who wanted to know more about the many aspects of preparedness.

Whether that be firearms and tactics, hand to hand tactics, knife tactics, food storage and procurement, long-term food and water storage, long-term ammo and firearms storage, emergency preparedness for homes and individuals, home defense, or multiple firearms and personal safety classes. Whatever our students want to learn within our scope of practice, we will teach.

We have also RSO’d for multiple other like-minded groups and routinely take the time to train on our own. We have years of experience in the firearms world and the tactics universe. We also have a vast collective of Escape & Evasion and Civilian Tradecraft knowledge gained from practical experience, study, test and evaluation, and training. Our studies, training, and practical experience give us a unique viewpoint from which to train you.